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​Salona Global Operations


​Global Operations

EVOME Medical Technologies is developing a heavily integrated, IP driven vertical infrastructure spread across several facilities including South Dakota Partners, Biodex Rehab, and DaMar Plastics.  

With each acquisition
EVOME Medical Technologies anticipates that its international presence, IP, revenue, cash flow, and infrastructure will grow. We're changing fast.  Stay tuned for the next facility to be integrated into the Evome Medical Family of Products.


​Corporate Office

​The corporate headquarters in San Diego, California is at the robust heart of a leading city in the  US medical device industry. This prime Southern California location allows management easy interface with medical device leaders from around the globe. With centralized accounting, finance, human resources and executive oversight, the Corporate Office is where the strategy and value of EVOME Medical Technologies is germinated.

Evome Medical Technologies Inc ​Corporate Office
outside building of one of Evome medical technologies acquisitions

South Dakota Partners (SDP)

​The first acquisition of the EVOME Medical Technologies growth strategy, SDP has extensive development, research and production capabilities at its state of the art FDA approved facility located in Clearlake, South Dakota. Currently SDP develops and manufactures white label medical devices for an array of global businesses. Clearlake offers a strong foundation on which EVOME Medical Technologies can develop.

woman creating medical devices for human performance
medical devices in boxes being shipped
product development using medical device technology on computer screen
salona global partner creating rehabilitative solutions

​Specialty Design and Customization

​SDP has developed the capability to customize the entire development pipeline of white labeled medical devices. From CNC machining to ultrasonic welding and kitting, SDP is prepared for every step of the process.

​Engineering and Development

​With nearly a century of collective work years among them, the five members of the Engineering and Development team are responsible for innovation of new devices and optimization of existing technologies and work flows.

​Rework and Warranty Service

​SDP offers IPC level rework and repair of our manufactured products allowing for improved service on and innovation of the medical devices manufactured onsite.

​And More

SDP is fully built out and realized for all stages of customization, programming, testing and distributing our custom medical devices.

​Clear Lake Capabilities

​SDP's state-of-the-art Clearlake facility is registered by the FDA in compliance with US and FDA standards. It boasts multiple automated lines throughout its large product floor. With automated SMT, selective soldering and PCBA capability, it can produce an astounding breadth of medical devices. 


With over 30 years of medical device and product development history, the Clearlake facility is a quintessential American medical device plant. The facility is certified to the highest industry standards including ISO 13485 and IPC-A-610 and is RoHS compliant. 


The facility has an extensive development and innovation center that custom designs the manufacturing process for speed and quality with maximum automation and speed.





salona global 3.png

Damar Plastics

We are a results oriented business, creating customers for life.  We do this by making quality products and providing effective solutions that meet our customers’ needs. It is through these unique solutions that we often eliminate or reduce customer market obstacles.

Our employees and our culture are the foundation of our company. Our core values and our Quality Policy are our operating system for our culture. This operating system focuses on continuous improvement.





Plastics Manufacturing Facility

We develop, design, and manufacture plastics at our fully owned subsidiary DaMar Plastics located in El Cajon, California.  With over 50 years in business, DaMar Plastics currently serves the medical and consumer industries with precision plastics molding technology.

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